Is Your Career Stuck in Gridlock Traffic?

There are two universal truths about commuting to work. One is that there will always be gridlock traffic on the main arteries and the other is that secondary roads will be jammed with people looking for better ways around the traffic.

Are you stuck in “career” gridlock traffic? You have been in the fast lane throughout your career, zooming past slower moving colleagues and competitors. Lately, though business is harder, leads, call backs, and closes take a lot more effort. The path that you had taken to success is now blocked with new people, technologies, companies, etc.

Ultimately, you needed to find a new route to success. Examine what made you successful then trail blaze a path using this skill set. Look at gaps in your skills and work to make these gaps alternate routes to success. Work to become a resident expert that both internal and external customers look to for answers.

How do you become an expert? Social media is an obvious answer for external customers. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others give most business people the opportunity to start becoming influential outside of their typical realms. Get more involved with trade associations, conventions, and other venues that needed presentations on industry issues. These techniques will help with external customers.

For internal customers, invest in your success partners- people or departments that determined your company and personal success. Visit each department every day you are in the office. Schedule monthly status meetings with each of those departments to learn how to work better together. Make it a point to eat lunch with the key people that you need to succeed. In a phrase- relationship build.

These techniques will enable you to become a better driver of your career. Use these side streets of business to avoid gridlock traffic and create your own open space to get your back in the fast lane.

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