How to Deal with a Difficult Boss and Be Happier at Work!

Are you reevaluating your career right now?  If so, you are not alone.  Most people take stock of their current job during the fourth quarter.  It is only natural as companies are finalizing budgets and year end projections, people look to see what opportunities are available to them inside or outside of their company.  Job interviewing raises during the fourth quarter as companies are getting ready to start the New Year with their new budgets and new people.  When you consider that 69% of the work force leaves their company within five years and that the average tenure in a company is 1.7 years that is a lot of people changing jobs.

According to a Dale Carnegie Survey, the top two reasons for leaving a job are a difficult boss and being unhappy.  While every situation is different, these two almost always go hand in hand.  You inherently want to be liked by and to like your boss.  When that doesn’t happy, you become frustrated.

Assuming that you like the company, are fairly compensated/treated with respect, are challenged in your position, and like your colleagues, here are some tips on how to be happier.

  1. Communicate better with your boss.  Just as you want to be liked, so does your boss.  Talk to her.  Remember to keep it professional.  Constructive and frank discussions about how you prefer to be managed may make a huge difference in your relationship.  Many times “the boss” does not realize that they are acting in a destructive manner.
  2. Avoid the office gossip.  Your colleagues can cause unhappiness by complaining about the boss.  Stay above that fray.  Don’t go along with the crowd here.  It may end up damaging your reputation- you never know who is within earshot or who may break confidence.
  3. Stay focused on your job.  The best way to get away from a bad boss is to get promoted.  Make sure that your work is impeccable.  On every team, there is a star performer.  Make that your short term goal.
  4. Look at your small wins.  Many times, people feel unhappy because they are not getting the “big hit”.  Days feel routine and boredom sets in.  Take a different approach.  Look at every day as a set of mini challenges.  Did you expedite a shipment for a customer?  Win.  Solve an office issue through insight?  Another win.  Have a good conversation with the boss?  Triple win.  That’s a good day in my book.
  5. Adjust your playlist.  Studies have found that the music in your office affects your mood and attitude towards work situations.  If you need to be mellowed out, try some classical music.  Need a boost, maybe some Top 40 may help.  Music selections work.  Give it a try.

Dealing with a bad boss and being unhappy puts you in a tough situation.  However, by trying the advice given in this article, you may be able to cope better.  If not, you can always look for a new job.

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